When you are not ready for a full time hire but need an accomplished leader - now.

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Tech Audit

First we will sit down with each member of your team for in depth analysis of understanding your team & practices as it is today.

We will perform deep dives into the existing documentation, codebase, infrastructure & tooling.

Upon completion, you will receive a documentation package that will summarize where you currently are, where you need to go, and your exsiting team’s ability to reach this goal (or changes required to do so).

The documentation package will conclude with a risk-analysis for the CEO, executive team or board highlighting the highest to lowest risk areas of concern for the company from a CTO’s perspective.

Fractional CTO

The benefits of having an experienced technical leader on your side who has already been there, overcome that - without investing the time and money in a full-time hire. Examples of engagement opportunities include:

  • An audit, technical strategy and target architecture development
  • Standups, weekly planning and retrospectives with your tech team.
  • Coaching, mentoring, goal setting and performance reviews for your team
  • Collaboration with the executive team to drive decisions through the tech org
  • Introductions to subject matter experts for team development
  • Recruitment support for hiring missing members

On-Call Help

Looking for quick, proven strategies to get you past a roadblock?

Examples of on-call help include:

  • Interviewing candidates & assessing technical fit
  • Roadmap planning & prioritization
  • Remote process & culture development
  • Vendor or tool assessment
  • Architecture reviews
  • Effective goal setting
  • Performance reviews & team coaching

Smart Nora

“Being able to chat with Bijan on hiring and building great culture for software teams helped me accelerate our hiring activities at Codex - more than doubling our headcount in a single month and without the usual anxiety. Bijan’s experience in leading large teams and keeping great culture is sure to help others with their staff planning and organization planning.”

Brandon Waselnuk
CEO, Codex

Don’t see a perfect fit?You’re in a unique situation. We get it!

Dozens of startups through YCombinator, TechStars, & FounderInstitute have worked with us. Guidance you would expect from an experienced CTO, available to you on a fractional basis.

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